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  • planning & environment List
  • reference No.P1673/2014
  • Permit Application no. P9181

32 Dwellings Individual Residential Dwellings and 4 Abutting Apartments

Application under Section 79 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987; for review of the failure of the Responsible Authority to grant the permit within the prescribed time.

Hume Planning Scheme; Residential 1 Zone, Interim Heritage Overlay; RDZ1 Road Zone1 (ingress and egress matters) Planning Scheme Amendment C45, Other non statutory issues: Vegetation Removal, Bush fire considerations. Appeal Parties; Applicant, Local Govt, State Govt Vic roads, 6 objector submissions. Legal representation, consultants and Expert Witnesses x 4. Central issues in this case concern planning policy, heritage provisions, compliance with ResCode, amenity impacts on neighbouring properties, landscaping, arterial road access and car parking.

Extract of Order 11th November 2014

‘A permit is granted and directed to be issued by the Responsible Authority pursuant to the provisions of Section 85(1)(b) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The permit will allow: partial demolition of the existing building and construction of 32 dwellings in accordance with the endorsed plans.’

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