Rod Cullen Urban Planning


The firm is a multi-disciplinary Town Planning and Design Practice.

* We provide wide-ranging Planning and Design for projects and development proposals.                              We conduct land use assessment, client representation and advocacy.

* Services include Town Planning Permit Applications, Design and Building Plans, Rescode, Neighbourhood and Heritage Character Statements, VCAT appeals, Panel Hearings, Subdivision, Planning Law & Representation.

* The business prepares Site Assessment reports, Design Response Plans and Planning submissions.       Our Development services integrate design, architecture, surveying and town planning.

* The firm has specific expertise in medium density housing, commercial, retail and industrial planning, medical and educational facilities

* The principals of the business appear as Expert Witnesses and as Advocates at VCAT.                                The firm undertakes direct briefing with specialist planning barristers and engages expert witnesses in urban design, architecture, heritage and land surveying

* We produce Property and Site reports for professional land developers and for private clients to establish the feasibility of a site and any constraints of the land or building thereon.

 * Rod Cullen Urban Planning provides consulting advice to private, commercial and government clients in respect of the management of urban development and the Town Planning process.

* Strategic project and policy work is also conducted in housing, growth area planning, demographics and public transport.

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